Introduction to Electronic Commerce (3rd edition)

Introduction to Electronic Commerce (3rd edition)
Tác giả: Hiệp hội Thương mại điện tử Việt Nam VECOM
Ngày đăng: 2014-08-25
Năm xuất bản: 2010
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Managerial Orientation.
Today, EC is going through a period in which enthusiasm for new technologies and ideas is accompanied by managerial considerations like strategy, implementation, risks, and profitability. By presenting EC through a managerial approach, this text makes the subject matter practical, relevant, and beneficial to all students–majors and non-majors alike.

Real-world Orientation.
Extensive, vivid examples from large corporations, small businesses, industries, services, and government and nonprofit agencies from all over the world bring this text’s concepts to life. These examples illustrate to students the capabilities of EC, its cost and justification, and the innovative ways real corporations are using EC in their operations today.

Interdisciplinary Approach.
This text understands and touches upon the major EC-related disciplines including accounting, finance, information systems, marketing, management, operations management, human resources management, and more. In addition, some non-business disciplines are presented that include public administration, computer science, engineering, psychology, political science, and law. This text also emphasizes that economics play a major role in understanding EC.


Table of contents

Part 1: Introduction to E-Commerce and E-Marketplaces
Chapter 1. Overview of Electronic Commerce
Chapter 2. E-Marketplaces: Mechanisms, Tools, and Impacts of E-Commerce
Part 2: Internet Consumer Retailing
Chapter 3. Retailing in Electronic Commerce: Products and Services
Chapter 4. Online Consumer Behavior, Market Research, and Advertisement
Part 3: Business-to-Business E-Commerce
Chapter 5. B2B E-Commerce
Chapter 6.  Innovative EC Systems: From E-Government and E-Learning to C2C E-Commerce and Collaborative Commerce
Part 4: Other EC Models and Applications
Chapter 7. The Web 2.0 Environment and Social Networks
Chapter 8. Mobile Computing and Commerce
Part 5: EC Support Services
Chapter 9. E-Commerce Security and Fraud Protection
Chapter 10. Electronic Payment Systems, Order Fulfillment, and Other Services
Part 6: EC Strategy and Implementation
Chapter 11. EC Strategy and Implementation: Justification, Globalization, SMEs, and Regulatory and Ethical Issues

Online Part 7: Applications and Site Development
Chapter 12. Launching a Successful Online Business and EC Projects
Online Appendices
Appendix A. E-Commerce and Supply Chains
Appendix B. Electronic Customer Relationship Management
Online Tutorial
T1. E-Business Plan